our goal

The goal of PO Design Workshop Limited, PO Decoration Engineering Limited, PO Project Management Limited is being the first choice to the customer.

OUR mission

In the room design the project, the design and the service provides the security for the staff, healthy and the ideal working conditions make the contribution for the local creation industry development.

OUR Strategy

Our strategy key point is:

  • Friendly to have with us in the service, the property, specialized technical and design thought aspectsuperiority, causes the PO prestige service innate nature and the cost benefit and so on various aspects sees splendidly, unceasingly promotes the repair project the security level, steps to (zero accident) the goal.
  • Goal for this, properly manages, supervises and reports the work performance

OUR objective

Our objective key point is:

  • Therefore in order to can maintain stable and the high innate nature product, also has the outstanding project surveillance management in various aspects repair engineering aspect. The technician has the specialty which in the furniture production process supervises and manages
  • Each size project, the designer carefully plans by way of the senior room in Regardless of in the spatial design, the light utilization and the tone coordination, all achieved the specialized level, causes the compartment to see practical, the manufacture effect has the characteristic, the handwork reveals exquisitely. The manpower and materials price control is rigorous, causes the project to see the benefit